The vision of the Back Pack Health Worker Team is that of a healthy society in Burma through a primary healthcare approach to ethnic nationalities and communities, targeting to internally displaced persons and vulnerable populations in armed conflict, border, and remote areas of Burma.


The Back Pack Health Worker Team is organized to equip people with the skills and abilities necessary to manage and address their own healthcare problems, while working toward the long-term sustainable development of a primary healthcare infrastructure in Burma.


The goal of the BPHWT is to reduce morbidity and mortality, and minimize disability by enabling and empowering the community through primary healthcare.


The BPHWT integrates the following principles into its programs in order to ensure adherence to the vision and mission of working towards and sustaining a healthy society in Burma.

  • Promote and protect the basic human right to health.
  • Provide healthcare services to all, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, culture, political affiliation, age, or gender.
  • Focus our resources and programs toward those remote, displaced, and vulnerable populations where there is otherwise no or limited access to primary health care.
  • Respect the traditions and culture of those we serve.
  • Collaborate with local people, communities, and organizations to provide assistance based upon local needs and establish a sustainable primary healthcare infrastructure.
  • Draw, where appropriate, upon locally-available resources for our programs and activities.
  • Do not cause harm to the local people and our health workers through data collection and use all collected data for the benefit of the people.
  • Foster inter-ethnic unity and trust among our ethnically diverse staff, and also among the communities and organizations served by/partnered with us.